Sunday, 20 November 2016

hello.... it's me...

Welcome to my first post! So…. This page is basically a diary of a not-so-boring kid. And I will tell you all about me, maybe even secrets, wooooJ. Interesting right? No? Oh well. ANYWAYS…. Let’s cut the chit chat yeah?

Hello all! My name is Najma. But, I rather to be anonymous so please pretend that you didn’t read my name :D. I’m a 15 years old high schooler who happened to be a single pringle girl. My hobby is basically eating, but if that doesn’t count as a hobby, I will say writing is my hobby. I also can play guitar, but my voice is not as good as Selena Gomez. I currently studying in one of the most favorite and top ranked high school in Indonesia (not trying to impress you, but it’s the fact (lol kidding)) called SMAN 3 Bandung. Anyway if you don’t know where is Indonesia or Bandung, you can google it lol.

I’m a teenager. And what teenagers do are finding their own self and in order to do that, they will face a lot of problems. I (personally) have looooootttttsss and lots problems in my life. Well, most people have their own problems right? Maybe in this blog I will tell you bout it.

Or maybe nah? lol